LEAP ENTERPRISE LTD | Side by side, in partnership to show young people how it should be done
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Side by side, in partnership to show young people how it should be done

The idea of coaches and managers, many who have gone past their sell by date, playing in an exhibition match in the Hyde League was an idea thought off and quickly shut down.

But good people with good intentions have a way of always getting their own way and making a dream become a reality.

With two weeks of fixtures to complete in the Hyde League, a conversation was initiated in the coaches and managers’ forum, a platform for sharing good practices and effectively communicating information to clubs and academies.

The idea of an official game between coaches, ambassadors and managers was reborn.


This time around it must be said that there was something attractive about the idea of this actually happening, and without much persuasion all involved in the League had signed up.

The diet plan was drawn up, extra training laid on and countless trips to the sports therapist to be given the all clear.

The inaugural match between coaches and managers from all the teams playing in the league against JRF’s staffs, ambassadors and coaches kicked off at 12noon on Sunday 22nd of May 2016.

Participants got a chance to roll back the years, both sides were treated to tunnel preparation music – Fester skank, national anthem, with pre and post-match interviews.

The match was refereed by young aspiring footballer Kenny Acquah (Cambridge – London player), as part of his learning development of the game.

After all the endless banter and tackles, the real winners of this exhibition match was FOOTBALL and COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP.

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